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The #1 Thing Your Can Do
For Your Business Today


As a freelance web designer, I work with a lot of small business owners. Some of them are established, and others of them are just starting out. They have all kinds of business models, and they sell a lot of different things.

They all have one thing in common though: they collect email addresses of people that are interested in what they have to offer.

It works like this: you put a signup form on your web site and allow visitors to give you their contact information. Once you have their permission, you start a conversation with them about their needs. Eventually, you give them the opportunity to spend money with you to solve their problems.

I work with dozens of clients and not a single one of them isn’t in the business of getting leads. I sincerely believe this is the #1 thing you can do for your business today.

How to get started

Over the years I’ve worked with a lot of different email marketing software, and the best one is AWeber. For $19/mo you get the best deliverability rate of any platform out there (the guarantee that your messages don’t go into recipients’ spam filters), and their customer support is excellent.

Best of all, your first month is just $1 so you have plenty of time to get acquainted with the software.

Sign up for AWeber today

My company name is Perfection Coding and if you need help setting up your account and integrating it with your website, I’m happy to help with you directly.

Martyn Chamberlin
Founder, Perfection Coding