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What Do All of My Clients Have in Common?


As a freelance web designer, I work with a lot of small business owners. Some of them are established, and others of them are just starting out. They have all kinds of business models, and they sell a lot of different things.

They all have one thing in common though: they have a reliable server to host their website.

A reliable server has two important characteristics. first, it is fast. Pages load quickly. This keeps visitors happy and clicking around. Nobody wants to visit a site that loads slowly. Second, it has nearly 0% downtime. If someone tries to load a web site that’s hosted on a server with a 10% downtime, that means there’s a 1/10 of a chance that the visitor will not be able to view the site. Your potential subscribers and customers will be upset and permanently leave if that’s their user experience.

No matter how well-designed a website is, and no matter how good its content and value proposition, if it doesn’t load quickly or has poor uptime then it might as well not exist. It’s a serious mistake to spend thousands of dollars on a web design, weeks writing content for it, and then put it on a cheap $5 per month hosting server that doesn’t have these fundamental characteristics.

How can you avoid this mistake?

The solution is simple. You need to mentally set a realistic budget and migrate your site to a company that offers good hosting. I’ve worked with a lot of hosting companies over the years: GoDaddy, Bluehost, WebSynthesis, HostGator, FatCow, and Liquid Web, to name some of the more common ones. Nearly all of these have decent packages if you pay enough but there’s one that stands out from the rest and that’s WPEngine. In addition to lightning fast speeds and nearly 0% downtime, here’s what WPEngine has that their competitors don’t have:

  • Knowledgable live chat support 24/7.
  • A very easy backup system that takes screenshots of your site every single day.
  • Servers that are tailored specifically to WordPress, eliminating the need for clunky and often frustrating caching plugins like W3 Total Cache.
  • Superior security.
  • A beautiful dashboard that’s simple to add new administrators and impossible to get confused.
  • A one-click button that allows you to move a site from staging to production, making a website launch instantaneous.

WPEngine starts at $29.00 per month and it’s worth every penny. In my experience, once a client understands WPEngine’s value proposition it’s a no-brainer convincing them to make the switch. I believe in WPEngine so much that I’m an affiliate for them. If you sign up today that with this link, I’ll get a commission.

Sign up for WPEngine today

My company is Perfection Coding and if you need help setting up your account and migrating your site, I’m happy to help with you directly.

Martyn Chamberlin
Founder, Perfection Coding