AAWP Review: The Best Plugin For Amazon Affiliates?

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  • “Copying and pasting affiliate links from Amazon is extremely frustrating. Having multiple tabs open and continuously switching between pages to add links from the Site Stripe or your affiliate dashboard is not conducive to our workflow as affiliates.”

    Don’t you have to do this anyway with AAWP? You still have to have multiple windows open and copy/paste ASIN’s. Furthermore – you have to create and insert complicated strings of shortcode for the plugin to produce any front end functionality. Not user-friendly at all, in my opinion.

    Yeah – I’ve tried AAWP. I wasn’t impressed at all. I think it sucks!

    • Thanks Matthew, I suppose I found the workflow a little easier just copying the ASIN rather than dealing with raw HTML from SiteStripe. You make a lot of valid points!

      I’ve since moved on to using Content Egg for tables and pretty much have eliminated AAWP from my site. That said, I think it’s still a good tool to use if you need an easy solution for decent-looking product boxes that pull information in real time via Amazon’s API.

    • Hi Mathew, Love your blog. I believe you use Amalink Pro? Or, do you use Content Egg, which Nick recommends? I am evaluating these three. Another blogger I follow complained about Amalink’s tables (https://youtu.be/gLwuJF680t8). Have you had this issue and, if yes, then were you able to solve it? Finally, do you use any kind of link management tool like Genius Link (https://www.geni.us/)? Thanks!

      • Hey Mike! We aren’t affiliated with a Mathew—maybe he used the name in the past, but we saw the name was for sale a while back and LOVED it.

        I have used both Content Egg and AAWP, but I haven’t tried Amalink Pro. Also, WP Eagle has a fantastic channel; I’m in his Facebook group! The table builder in Amalink Pro is similar to AAWP—they’re both a little clunky, like Alex says. However, in the demo he shows, he is using the non-API version. I wonder if you connected to Amazon’s API if it would be a better experience.

        Anyone reading this in the future who is unaware, you need to make three qualifying sales to gain access to the API. You also need to maintain sales every month after to maintain access.

        That said, AAWP’s tables seem to be more responsive, especially for mobile. With the way mobile traffic is these days, you absolutely need that.

        I used to use Genius Link a loooonngg time ago on my blog. I ended up ditching it and just use OneLink now. I didn’t see any added benefit to using their links. With the way Amazon is, I figured it’s best to follow their advice and use the links they provide. I always use the long links, as well.

        Thanks for commenting again! Let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll try to help out!

    • I think it would be nice if mike had mentioned that he is the creater for amalinks pro (competitor of aawp). i think i had read your same comment on anther site called nichesite or something like that and the guy also said that you should have mentioned that you are the creater of amalinks pro. it seems like you have some kind of personal issues with aawp..!

  • You made a lot valid points here Nick. Great review! Don’t get me wrong, I do like AAWP, but AmaLinksPro does solve a lot of the problems you mentioned. Definitely recommend checking it out.

    However, I know a lot of people still use and will continue to use AAWP, which is why I recommend the Chrome extension AMZ Table Assistant. No more switching tabs – just build “Copy AAWP Shortcode” buttons right on Amazon.com!


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