Content Egg Pro Review: Best Plugin for Affiliate Marketers?

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  • Thanks, Nick for writing this. Really helpful. I am currently deciding between Content Egg vs AAWP vs Amalinks Pro. I like the idea of multi-retailer buy buttons, which is my main attraction to CE.

    Some questions, if you can:
    1) Have you used CE to show multi-retailer buy button options? How does it impact conversion? Is this easy / clunky to do with CE?
    2) How do you manage multi-region links? I am considering layering in this for link management: . Did you do something similar?
    3) Do you happen to know if CE plays nice with page builders like Elementor?

    Thanks, again!

    • Hey again! To answer these…

      1) The multi-retailer buttons can be useful, depending on the niche! From my experience, it hasn’t had too much of an impact on conversions. But it’s not really clunky. It’s as simple as searching for the product in each retailer module, picking a shortcode template you like, and pasting the shortcode in the content.

      All of the retailers in my niche are the exact same price on every product 99% of the time. So instead of sending people blindly to various retailers, I found out which ones convert the best. But that’s another huge feature. I link to different retailers. Content Egg is the only affiliate plugin that allows me to use Avantlink, Amazon, CJ, and others with ease.

      Certain products in my niche (musical instruments) sell very well on Amazon. These are targeted more at beginner buyers. Beginners to any hobby are more comfortable buying from Amazon, since they’ve heard of the brand before. Queries like ‘best beginner x’ will include links to Amazon.

      Other big retailers like Guitar Center sometime convert—Sam Ash and Musician’s Friend almost never convert, though. For the most part, I’ve eliminated those.

      For a more advanced buyer in the niche, I love recommending a company called Sweetwater. They’re one of the best in the industry. Newcomers to music often don’t know the brand. In that case, it won’t convert as well. So for articles like ‘best professional x,’ the retailer to pick would be Sweetwater.

      So it ultimately depends on your audience.

      I haven’t had success with using the multi-retailer button. But I have had major success using the table template I made for CE, which I linked earlier in the article, but it’s here too:

      From what everyone’s saying now, horizontal tables convert better than vertical tables. For this reason alone I switched to CE a while back. I don’t think you could make horizontal tables with AAWP when I used it.

      2) To my knowledge, Content Egg and AAWP both work with OneLink. I used to use GeniusLink, but felt it was unnecessary. One line of code on my site catches all the other locales for Amazon.

      3) I really cannot say, as I haven’t ever tried using Elementor with CE, though I doubt it has any kind of widget modules available for Elementor. The best thing you could do is install the free version and see if it plays nice with your site.

      Hope it’s helped!


  • Hi Nick,
    This table is kind of responsive in that the horizontal one at the top of the page simply is not displayed when viewed on mobile:

    I am not sure if this is the kind of table that converts well, but I like the way it looks. Obviously, this one has a ton of custom content. Any opinions on how this one might convert? Cheers.

  • Yes, now we’re on the same page! Gotcha!

    I used to make tables rich with information, similar to this with AAWP, but I think they were a bit too much for my readers.

    I’m sure Baby Gear Lab has tested this design extensively. To my eyes, there is just way too much going on here. It’s an overload. For example, there are twenty different products in the table. Considering the title of the article is The Best Double Strollers, I don’t see a point to include ones that are poorly rated. But that’s just my opinion. Numbers always tell a different story.

    If you like the way it looks definitely go for it! CRO is different for each audience. AAWP is probably your best bet for making tables like this—you make them in the back end of the plugin and then paste a shortcode into your content. Another eerily similar table plugin to AAWP is AzonPress.

    From inspection of the code, it looks theirs is a custom table design. I love how they have pros and cons laid out for each product. I want to integrate something similar on my websites.

  • Thanks. You’ve been super helpful!

  • I have the website and using generate press and AAWP plugin so do you advise to use content egg pro plugin. waiting for your reply

  • Your content is really helpful for me, thanku so much for this content.


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