Content Egg Table Template (Free Download)

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  • Is it necessary to have specific version of content egg. It’s not working at my end. When i click on drop down list i am not able to see custom template option. If possible can you please help me out

    • This is the path for your template file provided by Nick. No need to create a folder –


      • While this is true, if you put the custom template in this folder, it will be overwritten any time you update the plugin. This is why you should make the folder in the directory I’ve specified.


        • Hi Nick, you are right. It may get overwritten but I crosschecked with “wp-content/content-egg-template” option but the custom template was not visible. Can you crosscheck/verify with latest update of plugin?


          • Custom Template

            Mine says ‘My Template Test [Custom]’ but this is the dropdown where you will find it (when I was developing it, I named it that).

  • Hi,

    The template does work on both the Free and Premium version of Content Egg, but I haven’t tested it myself beyond getting it to show up in the template list. I would make sure you have the template uploaded to /wp-content/content-egg-templates

    You have to make the /content-egg-templates folder yourself, also.

    Let me know if you have any questions. I’m more than will to check it out for you, if you need.


  • How did you achieve “Best for Budget” tag in desc ( screenshot)?

    • To do that, you need to add this to the description: Best For Budget Content Egg

      Best For Budget

      In the example screen shot, it says My Pick, but you can make this say Best for Budget.

      Then, in your Theme Customizer, under Additional CSS, add this code:

      .bestbudget {
      background-color: #BED2F5 !important;

      Hope that helps. Let me know if you need more help!

      • Thanks will try to implement and check the results.
        Also any idea on how to add a middle column ( text ) in the custom table ?

        • It should be possible, though, you’d have to hire a developer to make the changes to the php template I’ve provided.

  • Hello!
    I have been searching for something like this for a long time,
    actually I am trying to edit the default “Product Card” template but I cant find it in the plugin directory in wordpress,

    basically what I want to do is use the product card template and take away the text description, do you have a template or now of a easy way to edit the Product Card template?


  • Internet Man
    July 30, 2020 3:55 am

    You have a typo in your screenshot – the folder to create should be:
    And not:

  • Thanks for the template. I have a little problem though, Mine is showing ‘Buy Now’ not ‘view price’. Please where do i go to change this?

    • Hi Mildred! If you go into Content Egg’s settings within the WordPress dashboard, you can change the ‘Buy now button text’ there. It’s located right under ‘Button color.’ Hope that helps!

  • This is Randy Savage stuff right here. You are the Macho Man! Many blessings amigo!


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