Welcome to Two Hour Blogger.

I co-founded this website with my best friend Chris in March of 2019. Our primary goal is to help you create a passive income blog with just two hours of your time each day.

We’ll teach you how to build your first blog, what content to write, the fundamentals of SEO, first-year expectations, and so much more.

Our experience

Chris and I first began creating niche blogs in 2016, primarily promoting Amazon products. In the span of two years, we’ve amassed a great deal of knowledge we wish we’d had when we were starting out.

We’re still creating content for our blogs and growing them steadily. Chris and I are not the typical affiliate gurus, so don’t expect over-hyped jargon.

We’re just regular guys sharing our knowledge, expertise, and personal stories with blogging and affiliate marketing. We won’t claim or inflate anything beyond our own beliefs and hope you appreciate our integrity.

Our blogs are moderately successful, but they still have a ways to go. Join us on our journey and create your own passive income blog alongside us.

Be sure to read our post on our Amazon affiliate earnings to get a little more of our history with niche websites.