About Two Hour Blogger

Welcome to Two Hour Blogger! We’re David and Nick.

David and Nick have been best friends since 5th grade. David went to college for Business Management and Nick studied Music. After college, David took a corporate job and worked his way up at the company. Nick went on tour around the country with his band.

After a few years, David and Nick realized they weren’t happy with what they were doing. David knew that 40 years of sitting in an office for 40 hours per week with just 2-3 weeks of vacation time per year wasn’t going to cut it. Nick got tired of spending so much time on the road.

They both turned to online businesses for lifestyle freedom, but different models. David focused on e-commerce and Nick focused on affiliate websites. Both are extremely successful today with businesses that consistently earn five figures per month in profit.

Online businesses take daily consistency and effort. Two Hour Blogger was founded on David and Nick’s shared belief that you can build a profitable blog with just two hours each day.

Together, they bring a unique combination of skills. David knows a lot about selling physical products online and has sold on Amazon (US and International), eBay, Walmart, and his own e-commerce websites. He primarily focuses on selling on his own websites now. Nick knows a lot about SEO, writing engaging content that converts, video editing, and website design.

David and Nick’s partnership will benefit Two Hour Blogger’s followers with their wide range of experiences. Their main objective is to grow a community of like-minded entrepreneurs that want to start or grow online businesses. David and Nick want to provide as much value as possible for their readers.

David and Nick have crafted a lifestyle that gives them the freedom to work from anywhere. They want to help you get there. There is no shortage of online opportunities – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. We live in the best time in history to be an entrepreneur. We no longer need huge budgets to start a business or test ideas and we can inexpensively outsource tasks that we aren’t very good at. So please, follow Two Hour Blogger and take action!

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To Your Success,

David and Nick